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The Ugly Show

$35 General admission / $30 Concession

Wednesday 13 November 7:30pm
Thursday 14 November 7:30pm
Friday 15 November 7:30pm
Saturday 16 November 7:30pm
Sunday 17 November 6:30pm

The Ugly Show is a celebration of the anti-aesthetic. No make-up. No sequins. The un-instagrammable show that finds beauty in the uglies. Tackling the big issues – gender and bodies, with absolutely no style.

This is a devised show that humorously interrogates the disparity between the bodies we see on stage and the bodies we live in. Part theatre, part sketch comedy, part performance art, entirely NOT PRETTY.

Created and produced by a diverse female team, The Ugly Show brings a fresh perspective to the way bodies are perceived and experienced. It aims to reclaim the language previously used to vilify and oppress those who do not meet contemporary beauty standards. The productions success and ethos lies in the power of visibility; the importance of representation of diverse bodies on screen and stage, and the ability to take joy in the disparaged aspects of ourselves. The Ugly Show promises to deliver a thoughtful message with humour and gracelessness.

Directed by Maddie Houlbrook-Walk
Produced by Talia Meyerowitz-Katz
Dramaturgy by Alex Reynolds 
Designed by Olivia Mead
Conceived by Maddie Houlbrook-Walk

Devised and performed by Gabby Florek, Thalia-Joan Halperin, Keshini de Mel and Cassandra Ng. 

Earlier Event: November 5
Two Quarters Full
Later Event: November 21
Ordinary Days + Title of Show