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The Great Divorce

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$30 General Admission/ $22 Concession

Wednesday Sep 25th 7:30pm (preview)
Thursday Sep 26th 7:30pm (preview)
Friday Sep 27th 7:30 pm (opening)
Saturday Sep 28th 2pm
Saturday Sep 28th 7:30pm

Wednesday Oct 2nd 7:30pm
Thursday Oct 3rd 7:30pm
Friday Oct 4th 7:30pm
Saturday Oct 5th 2pm
Saturday Oct 5th 7:30pm

When a bus load of people trapped in a grey, joyless town take a trip to Paradise, they realise that it’s not what they expected. It’s far too real! They all have something they’re holding on to preventing them from enjoying the wonders around them - one man’s pride, one woman’s shame, one man’s ego, one woman’s greed. One by one they are confronted by guiding spirits, but letting go of their desires is far harder than it seems, and the bus back to their old miserable town is always waiting.

After a sell-out production at the Factory Theatre in 2016, Resolved Theatre Company is bringing The Great Divorce to Flight Path Theatre. With a script wonderfully adapted from C.S. Lewis' novel by Roslyn Hicks and a cast of 8 talented performers, this show hopes to inspire conversation about how we can allow ourselves to see heaven if we insist on holding on to our own personal hells, and shines a light on how when we let ourselves be ruled by our vices we divorce ourselves from true joy and proper relationships.

Based on the original work by C.S Lewis, 1946

Directed by Richard Woodhouse

Starring: Peter David Allison, Hannah Forsyth, Jamey Foxton, Roslyn Hicks, Jessica Kelly, Emily Pollard, Isaac Reefman, Richard Woodhouse

Adapted for stage by Roslyn Hicks.